Original Can of Beans

First time in Belgium and first time on a Geocoinfest in Europe!
The Belgian Geocoin Association & Team 360 are happy to confirm that the O.C.B. (the Original Can of Beans) will be displayed at the Geocoinfest Europe 2017 – Belgium on 16 September 2017. Attendees to this MEGA Event will thus be able to rightfully discover this trackable or should we say with due respect, this “relic”?
Why is it special?
David Ulmer @ GCF It brings some history of Geocaching to Belgium and the Geocoinfest. The very first cache, placed by Dave Ulmer, was placed in May 2000. Watch this video and see how things were generally different at the start, such as large cache containers, a lot of real SWAG (Stuff We All Get), and not just swap items for kids and … no geocoins.
spockske, LordT & Johnny lightning
OrgaTeam Geocoinfest Europe 2017
 In that video you will see how Dave Ulmer puts a can of beans in the cache. This Can was the ‘stuff of urban legend and myth’ until it was recovered and then became a historical geocaching reality. It was recovered 2 years later, in September 2003 by Dave Ulmer and Jeff Holliday (Team 360) when placing the Original Stash Tribute Plaque, (see second part of the video). It was also the only object they recovered from the cache.  
Jeff succeeded to reconstruct the remains of the OCB in a way it could be nicely exhibited and since then he has been kind enough to show it at many events worldwide. So that’s how it looks now and how you will discover it! Make sure to log in the logbook that goes with it.
Only logs in the book can log online as well!

So we hope you will come and visit our event to visit this “relic”.

See you in September 2017 in Aarschot – Belgium!