GeoCoinFest Europe 2017 (Belgium)

Welcome indeed, and welcome to Belgium!

We look forward to receiving many international guests to this edition of the yearly European GeocoinFest and our ambition is to make them feel really welcome.

Our event will provide information in several languages and will be staffed with multi-lingual OrgaTeam members.

We will take care of you with a full 4 days program from 14 till 17 September 2017:

Of course we also welcome all geocachers, who will want to visit this mega out of curiosity (and possibly get hooked on geocoins), but spend the rest of the day caching in the surroundings of  the event.

All this will be given a little Belgian touch!

Part of the Belgian culture is that we highly value being humble and thus we are poor at advertising what our country has to offer and poor at bragging about all our most famous people and historical achievements. Some of our more superficial products of culture, for better or for worse, are better known, like our chocolates, our beers, our waffles and of course our fries. We never understood why Anglo-Saxons call them “French” fries. So here is the first golden tip to know, delicious fries are Belgian, not French!

Have fun!