General Privacy Statement


Last update: 27 October 2018.

At Belgian Geocoin Association we care about your privacy and we will only use your personal account information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you have requested from us.

We will NEVER share nor sell any of your personal details for promotional reasons to any other person or legal entity unless we are legally requested to do so.

From all the data we require to administer your customer account we only use the following data for the above mentioned reasons:

  • your Email Address which we keep as your unique identifier (*).
  • your First Name and Last Name.

We will only use other data as follows:

  • your address details for administration purposes and sending your purchased goods.
  • your phone details to call or send an SMS as a follow-up on your purchased goods when customer services request such an action (i.e. delays in delivery).


  • Your contact for any question about your personal information is the president of BGA vzw. Any message, question or request can be addressed to him/her as described on our contact page.
  • We keep customer information until we stop our business activities, and for maximum another 10 years when this is legally required.
  • You can get access to personal information that we keep about you, request to change it with a simple request via contact as described on our contact page.
    We tend to answer within 3 working days but promise, even during vacation periods, that you will get an answer or confirmation no later than within 30 days. If the request is only informational, we limit such requests to one each quarter.
    We do keep your email address as your unique identifier exactly to assure you are known to us as an “opted-out” reference. All other personal information will be removed permanently in contact lists.
  • BGA vzw has only one legal address and has no subsidiaries in any other country:
    Platte Lostraat 307A
    3010 Leuven