Coins & Medals

We manage your coins and medals concepts (*) from design to delivery:

  1. When receiving your coin or medal concept and/or design we may suggest improvements to the concept and the design to comply with industrial (metal and paints) constraints and/or to gain from our expertise knowledge acquired over the last few years. This moves your project from a design to a factory artwork.

  2. Once we have a consensus on the final art work, we submit a proposal that defines costs based on quantities and technical requirements. These two stages (design and proposal) are free. We trust we will gain and deserve your trust to work with us until the final stage. If not, we need to learn from this experience.
  3. When our proposal is accepted we will need your payment.
  4. We are accountable for the quality and the timely production of your coin or medal. Your project is now moving from an artwork to an actual coin or medal.

Being addicted to coins ourselves, we understand the importance of making the best coin or medal possible, each and every time!

(*) It may seem trivial to explain this, but there is a difference between a medal and a coin. A medal is more often designed to be worn on clothing and has only one side with a design. A coin has a design on each of both sides, and they are, more often than not, a different one.