“During our international assignments it is customary to reward staff with a medal. In Mali I was commissioned to design such a medal. For the artwork and production I trusted on Luc to assist me. Luc was a great help in developing this project especially in choosing the right materials, the right colors and carefully monitoring the production.”
Guy Pasteels – Ministry of Defense

“This is the backside of a coin made to fundraise for Stopdarmkanker vzw, which is a Belgian non-profit organisation that strives for the most early as possible detection of colon cancer by spreading prevention knowledge and informing people.
It was ordered by the Belgian Geocoin Association. The fundraise resulted in a 2020 Euro donation to Stopdarmkanker.
The coin can now also be purchased from their webshop.”
Youry De Winter – Belgian Geocoin Association

“10 Cie POL & TptHy is as a support unit within the Brigade Piron (Belgian 1st Infantry Brigade) and took active part in the liberation from August 1944 until the end of WW II. Its members continue to honor the traditions. To emphasize the cohesion of the unit and involve the members in its rich past, a unit coin was created in 2018. It carries the unit’s coat of arms on one side and the main vehicle for the execution of the current transport orders on the reverse. A brief explanation of our intention and a short history of the unit were sufficient for Luc to create and realize this beautiful specimen.”
Stéphane Debevere – Ministry of Defense

“This is one of 11 coins to commemorate famous Belgians. One was made for each of the 11 regions (10 provincies and the capital area of Brussels). The picture shown here is the frontside of the coin made about Adrian de Gerlache, an officer in the Belgian Royal Navy who led the Belgian Antarctic Expedition of 1897–99, the first to winter in Antarctica.
In 1896, he purchased the Norwegian-built whaling ship Patria, which, following an extensive refit, he renamed as the Belgica. He set sail from Antwerp on 16 August 1897.”
Luc De Haes – CreaCoins