Taking care about the environment we play in is crucial for our hobby so ever since I started designing I had the making of this CITO geocoin in my mind.

While strolling in the streets of Perugia to attend Umbria Jazz 15 on 11 July 2015 I meet Pamela Marinelli, a local artist exposing her paintings. My attention was held when I saw her painting with the dragonfly. I took a few months to reflect on what to do with it and chatting with Christian Mackey on Facebook we decided to make a 4 level geocoin of Pamela’s painting.

The most difficult hurdle was finding a mint prepared to execute the design in 4 levels. Tastes differ a lot, people may love this coin or not feel attracted to it, but sure, it is a nice result of more than a year’s work.
Luc De Haes – CreaCoins

In 2018 the Gentsche Geokasjing Sosseteit (GGS) organised monthly CITO Events. We rewarded loyal participants with a set of 4 geocoins, representing the seasons during which they participated to the CITO’s.
We had a clear concept in mind, but only some rough sketches. Starting from these, Luc designed our coins during a first meeting, resulting in a first artwork, choice of materials, colours and finishes. The final details were then completed during several follow-up reviews. Should I mention that the production went wrong? It just did: the coins were produced too small in size. The true value of CreaCoins as your supplier became clear. Luc worked with the factory to defend our interests, and had the whole batch made again. The result: a unique set of geocoins, now consisting of both a small and a normal size geocoin, with matching tracking numbers!
To summarise: we loved the hands-on interaction, the quality of the design work, the good knowledge of the production process and technical possibilities, and the support to get the factory get production right.
Eric Temmerman (aka GeoWELF) – Gentsche Geokasjing Sosseteit

Geocoins come in different shapes and are often just made only for the geocoin collector’s community who refer to themselves as “Geocoin Addicts“. Here is the complete set of our Ford Mustang series a “Route 66” acrylic frame (and a trackable gas pump geocoin with 2 path tags). The design of this geocoin is based on the 1967 Fastback model.
Luc De Haes – CreaCoins.

This geocoin commemorates Gerardus Mercator, a Belgian cartographer renowned for creating a world map based on a new projection which represented sailing courses of constant bearing as straight lines. Mercator was used more than once on other geocoins but never with a celestial globe. Hence our choice for this object on the back side of the coin. The lion and the horse are just examples of the many figures that were drawn on these globes.
Luc De Haes – CreaCoins

This is an example of a very basic travel tag of high quality with a chain making it ideal to allow your hitchhiker to travel around the world.

Many geocachers only need a basic tag with a chain to attach what they call a hitchhiker which they want to see travel from geocache to geocache. This hitchhiker could be a dear mascot, cuddly bear or any object they want other geocachers to discover. This tag was part of a series of 3 (Bat, Fox and Owl Tags).
Luc De Haes – CreaCoins

This geocoin was designed for attendees to the MEGA Geo’Fourneau. One side combines the theme ecology, with the leaves in the colors of geocaching, and industry with the gearing. On the other side, we can see the U4 blast furnace, the site where the event was held. The geocoin project was carried out with Luc who guided us to make this project cleaner and of better quality. We were very satified with the whole process from design to delivery and with its high quality outcome.
Yohan PerrotEscape Tour

This geocoin celebrates the 5th anniversary of my Geocache YouTube channel. Followers of my geocache adventures can to collect this cool commemorative coin while supporting my YouTube and Facebook content. I chose Luc as a designer, because of his immediately noticeable involvement and ability to find out what my wishes were. I had a lot of questions and requests for adjustments from design to delivery and Luc always kept an open mind and kept asking me critical questions, which made the design and execution continuously better.
Ultimately a great result, thanks to Luc’s guidance, knowledge and expertise!
Rogier EvenhuisGeoVlogs GC Rogier

This is a nice set. A combination of a 3D “frog” pin and a multi-level geocoin to celebrate 20 years of geocaching. The basic design is from OakCoins in the US. CreaCoins selected the plating finish and the transluscent colors for the unique Belgian edition sold by the Belgian Geocoin Assocoiation.
Luc De Haes – CreaCoins

In partnership with GeoNord, this geocoin was created to celebrate the 2nd edition of the event related to the theme of air.
Created to thank geocachers supporting the project, it was part of the pack reserved for supporters. A clean geocoin with a beautiful finish, CreaCoins understood perfectly our need on this project. From design to delivery, including advice on choices, our expectations were exceeded.
Oriol Planas (aka -Ruby-) – GeoNord Mega Events.

This “Glaucus Draconis Purpureus” coin is a “mistery” coin send anonymously to selected “geocoin addicts” as a gift from the owner of the design who contracted CreaCoins for the production.
Luc De Haes – CreaCoins

This 3D geocoin was created to support our Mega Event on 22 May 2020 and is now rescheduled to May 2021. Our collaboration with CreaCoins has been excellent. Luc is very attentive to our requests. He is responsive, creative, that’s what made it possible to create this very beautiful geocoin. We definitely recommend CreaCoins!
David NeuwelsGéoWallons