Catch Birre

Birre, a known name in the European Geocaching community…

For the “Welcome To belgium 2019” event we supported the event with the “Catch Birre” game, or should we say crazy game.

Starting 6 April 2019, 170 Tags were hidden over a few months (worldwide) and showed on a map as icons.

When you found the TAG, you could trade it during the “Welcome To belgium 2019” for an item as defined next to the icon that was linked to the tag that you found.

Rules of the game!

For the Hider

  • Do NOT hide the tag IN or NEARBY a geocache. This is a separate game. We don’t want geocachers unaware about this game taking away the tag.
  • The hide should be MUGGLEPROOF but EASY to FIND. Avoid loss or people reporting DNF’s. We absolutely want the first person to be on the spot to also quickly find the TAG.
  • Put the tag in a container obviously big enough to contain tag but not much bigger. There should be NO OTHER ITEMS in the container.
  • Think of a NICE PLACE to hide the tag and describe the place in a maximum 100 words description.
  • Use a GPS for capturing the coordinates.
  • Make a SPOILERPICTURE and provide a HINT.

For the Finder

  • You should TAKE the tag and the container away so don’t worry about muggles. Leave nothing behind!
  • REPORT your find soonest possible to with a picture of the front of the tag showing the running number. We want to make sure as least as possible people searching for a tag already found.
  • If you don’t find the tag and it is not indicated as found the next day, please report your DNF.
  • Trade your TAG at the “Welcome To Belgium”. This game is part of this event and your TAG can ONLY be traded at this event!

Fairplay (Hiders & Finders)

  • Hiders: do not tell anyone you were elected to hide a tag and if hiding with a team this applies to each member of the team and obviously do not tell other players were you have hidden them. Anyone playing the game as a finder should only be able to get the information on this page!
  • Finders: report your tag found so other players don’t waste time searching for a tag that isn’t there anymore!

The map below explains the game, nothing to be found for these “sample” icons.