This is the very first GeoCoinFest in Belgium and thus we focused our 4 days’ program to get you to various places in Belgium. But on this page it’s all about the main event, the GeoCoinFest itself!   Not too far from Brussels, we found this hall in a countryside city called Aarschot, central to the region called “Hageland”.
Several Earth Caches will teach you more about this region that used to be … under water (see i.e. GC1EQV7)!   Getting there shouldn’t be a problem if you follow the road plans to the parking facilities. You are welcome from 9 AM when the doors open until 7 PM. The next year’s GeoCoinFest announcement will at 5 PM.
What can you expect?

Geocoins, of course!

A place to learn and discuss all about geocoins and trackables.

A lot of shops with their latest geocoins and obviously many geocoin addicts with their collections to show, trade and even sell!

We, as the event organization, will add several new geocoins as well, you will find them in our webshop:

  • A souvenir geocoin to remember the Friday trip to the Caves of Han and its Wildlife Park.
  • A souvenir geocoin to remember the knight tournament near the castle of The Red Knight.
  • The Geocoinfest geocoin, in a regular, special and limited edition.
  • A souvenir pin to remember the Geocoinfest.
  • A special trackable for the Geocoinfest … wait and see!
  • … and for every visitor a souvenir woodie.

And more!

Surprise … the OCB (Original Can of Beans) is finally traveling to Belgium as well!
You can watch its recovery in this video: YouTube.
This last remainder of the very first cache is trackable!

Another surprise …
Caches and Lab Caches (on site and outdoor)
A raffle with valuable prices