• Additional Payment Methods
    We have added Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and V-Pay as payment methods as of today. We did stop the PayPal option.
  • Engraving Coins
    Engraving! It was and is possible for me for Groundspeak Milestones Geocoins when people order in advance and have Groundspeak do that before shipping them to me. And it was and is cheap, only 6 Euro. I have now the possibility to do this for any coin in stock in my shop (provided a space […]
  • Kick-Off Website
    We’re moving! CreaCoins® is the brand name of a business operated by LEUVION® . We are moving to a new location on 1 January 2021. Our goal is to have this website fully operational soon after we have settled there. CreaCoins® is the new brand name for the business known since 6 years as GeoCoins […]