3 Mar by Luc De Haes

Knock the Crock

The game, as described below started at the end of 2019 to sponsor the Mega GéoWallons – Au Pays des Lacs in 2020 on our former platform on “GeoCoins for All”. The […]
14 Nov by ydewinte

Catch Birre

Birre, a known name in the European Geocaching community… For the “Welcome To belgium 2019” event we supported the event with the “Catch Birre” game, or should we say crazy […]
7 Jul by Luc De Haes

Kick-Off Discover Tags

Because this game is only played in Flanders (Belgium) the language used for the game is Dutch. Maak kennis met een nieuw “signature item” met het spel “Kick-Off Discover Tags”. […]
17 Oct by Luc De Haes


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27 Sep by Luc De Haes


Kick-Off Discover Tags This game is a sponsorship for our blog on Geocachen.be about “Signature items” and more specifically on Discover Tags. The game was played in September 2021 and […]