Ernest Solvay – LE 100 in Antique Copper

Ernest Solvay – LE 100 in Antique Copper

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Ernest Gaston Joseph Solvay (16 April 1838 – 26 May 1922) was a Belgian chemist, industrialist and philanthropist.

In 1861, he developed the ammonia-soda process for the manufacturing of soda ash from brine and limestone.

He founded the company Solvay & Cie and established his first factory at Charleroi, Belgium in 1863 and further perfected the process until 1872, when he patented it. Soon, Solvay process plants were established in the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and Austria. Today, about 70 Solvay process plants are still operational worldwide.

The exploitation of his patents brought Solvay considerable wealth, which he used for philanthropic purposes, including the establishment in 1894 of the “Institut des Sciences Sociales” (ISS) or Institute for Sociology at the Free University of Brussels, as well as International Institutes for Physics and Chemistry. In 1903, he founded the Solvay Business School which is also part of the Free University of Brussels.

The extra thick coin measures 70 by 45 MM in size .
The front and back are a 3D cast zinc alloy with all 3 sides polished and with antique copper plating.

The coin comes in a black velvet pouch!

The black antique copper is a limited edition – 100.

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