Milestone Pin

Milestone Pin


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Celebrate your milestones!

Geocaching is a game of adventure, exploration, community and statistics!

Celebrate the many milestones and challenges of the game with the official Geocaching Challenges and Milestones merchandise!  There are trackables, pins and patches to help you show your pride in the game, your accomplishments, and of course, statistics!

The Finds Milestone Pin features a butterfly clutch back.

Dimensions: Approximately 1 inch in diameter.

Additional information

Number of Finds

100 Finds, 200 Finds, 300 Finds, 400 Finds, 500 Finds, 600 Finds, 700 Finds, 800 Finds, 900 Finds, 1000 Finds, 2000 Finds, 3000 Finds, 4000 Finds, 5000 Finds, 6000 Finds, 7000 Finds, 8000 Finds, 9000 Finds, 10,000 Finds, 15,000 Finds, 20,000 Finds, 25,000 Finds, 30,000 Finds


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