Namibia: the Land of the Brave Geocoin – Antique Copper

Namibia: the Land of the Brave Geocoin – Antique Copper

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In October 2021 I (*) spent almost a month in Namibia together with Katrijn (aka JazzyMouse) to discover this most unique and beautiful country and do some wonderful caches. After many concepts and designs the final design for a Namibia Souvenir Geocoin was completed. During my travel in Namibia I collected Kalahari sand to be part of the geocoins as you can see in this picture.

This is one of my most exciting geocoin projects ever!

The front side shows Springboks which you meet every day in Namibia. They are jumping in front of a typical tree (I don’t dare to call it an “Acacia” to prevent offending fauna specialist who allow only Australian species of the tree to be called as such) on a background of colors which are a diverse range from yellow, orange and red seen in the sand and skies of Namibia.

The backside represents the beautiful flag of Namibia with on top the most seen big animal not belonging to the big 5 (pictured in miniature on the front side border), the Oryx. At the bottom is the exceptional and unique plant to Namibia, the Welwitschia Mirabilis, a unique desert plant.
There is a cut out that will contain Kalahari desert sand that I collected from Namibia during my trip last year!

The tracking codes have the CC prefix.

This geocoin has a unique icon and is trackable at


(*): if it wasn’t obvious “I” refers to me as a designer, namely Luc De Haes (aka spockske), owner of CreaCoins.


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