Social Butterfly Travel Tag

Social Butterfly Travel Tag

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You might be a Social Butterfly if…

You walk the walk and talk the talk—as in you like to go to events! You are fully immersed in the geocaching community and Event Caches are totally your thing. You love meeting all of your fellow geocachers and have a knack for helping newbies fall in love with the game!

Each month from September through December, use the Friend League to individually earn points toward a new Geocacher Personality Souvenir and get the matching trackable tag to celebrate! Are you an Adrenaline Junkie? A Caching Connoisseur? A Social Butterfly? A Trackable Lover? Collect them all to be the ultimate geocacher!

The “You might be a geocacher if…” series is trackable at and includes 4 digital souvenirs and a collection of 4 trackable tags.


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