Author: Luc De Haes

25 Feb by Luc De Haes

How to activate a Geocoin?

I receive regularly the question how to find the activation code when it is not given with the geocoin. For all trackables that can be tracked at you can […]
26 May by Luc De Haes

Engraving Coins

Engraving! It was and is possible for me for Groundspeak Milestones Geocoins when people order in advance and have Groundspeak do that before shipping them to me. And it was […]
5 Nov by Luc De Haes

Kick-Off Website

We’re moving! CreaCoins® is the brand name of a business operated by LEUVION® . We are moving to a new location on 1 January 2021. Our goal is to have […]