Sea Turtle 3D – Antique Silver

Sea Turtle 3D – Antique Silver

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Taking care about the environment we play in is crucial for our hobby. So ever since I started designing I had the making of geocoins, to raise the awareness for our environment, in my mind.

While strolling in the streets of Perugia to attend Umbria Jazz 15 on 11 July 2015 I meet Pamela Marinelli, a local artist exposing her paintings. My attention was held when I saw her painting with a dragonfly. I took a few months to reflect on what to do with it and chatting with Christian Mackey on Facebook we decided to make a 4 level geocoin of Pamela’s painting.

The most difficult hurdle was finding a mint prepared to execute the design in 4 levels. Tastes differ a lot, people may love this coin or not feel attracted to it, but sure, it was a nice result of more than a year’s work as you can see on the picture.



This coin quickly sold out and thus, almost 5 years later, it was time to create a second one in this series.

I kept following Pamela’s work and this work of art kept my attention (first picture):

I tried for a year long to come up with a special design for this geocoin. I was looking for something that gave it a little extra. I draw Pamella’s work of art all over again to start from a typical geocoin with soft enamels, as I would often do. That resulted in what you can see in the second picture and should have led me from there to several creative options. But that just kept the project lying on my drawing desk with no further ideas.

It was a mint that persistently promoted UV-printing on a 3D surface that turned around the whole concept for my design and resulted in a design I was very pleased with.

But I still wanted one more extra attractive element and then decided to keep the areas showing the sea as transparant material so it would show such a depth when held against the light as if one was in the ocean together with the turtle.

The final design was born after almost 2 years of work on the drawing table!

The tracking codes have the CC prefix.

This geocoin has a unique icon, and is trackable at



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