Expatriate Coaching

Leuvion® coaches international managers to get insight in their strengths and weaknesses before embarking to a new destination and to give them guidance to develop successful strategies to build a new life. To that end Leuvion delivers a tool to test one’s acculturation competencies and workshops customized to the needs of expatriates:

  • Country Coaching workshops for expatriates and their life companions who wish to be more effective coping with culture shock and building local social networks. The standard workshop is a 1-day interactive training.
    Download: Coaching Expatriates.
  • Family Coaching workshops are pretty much the same as the Country Coaching workshops but take place in a different environment. Instead of being with other expatriates in a conference meeting room, the family is coached at home or in the company’s meeting room. Children of 14 years and older may attend together with their parents.
    Download: Coaching Expatriates.
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